Land, Sea and Light completed

Created during my years spent living and working as a furniture maker on the coast of the St Davids Peninsula, Pembrokeshire, land, sea and light explores the essence of that wild Welsh landscape. It takes the form of a collection of wall-mounted cabinets whose white relief doors hang like landscape paintings, floating away from the wall on handmade carcasses of raw oak and oiled beech. I have always imagined that they would be places ot keep special things, maybe even treasures brought back from walks in other landscapes.

 I have used abstract simplifications of the key landscape forms as a starting point to create images in which I try to express the essence of place and the experience of being there. The idea to use layered reliefs in this way came from the layered and cracked surfaces of the sedimentary rocks of the peninsula, which seem to echo the forms of the wider landscape.  The reliefs, like the rocks, are built of layers, but waxed and painted white.  White to remove distraction. White to reveal pure form. White to express the pared down essence of place.

With funding from Cyngor Celfyddydau Cymru/Arts Council of Wales, and support from the Barns-Graham Charitable Trust (which let me explore the process by which the wonderful St Ives artist, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, developed her abstract images) the works were developed over many months of walking, watching, photographing and sketching the landscape.

On Monday nights I would go out rowing at sea with the local gig rowing club.  As well as providing a pretty visceral engagement with the waves it provided inspiration for 2 pieces related to our row out to the wonderful Ramsay Island and the final piece as we rowed into the base of one of the many sea caves at the base of the cliffs.

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