cliff top to vacuum press in a day

IMG_4865_600A few year ago I wrote a blog post asking whether it was possible to retain the energy of a sketch in a piece of furniture.  Today may have been a step towards that.

This morning I was on the far side of our little mountain, Carn Llidi, looking down into a cove with the most dramatic rock formations.

IMG_4856_600I hadn’t been able to settle into sorting my recent paint finish challenges, so I took my skecth book, my dog and set off.  By late lunch time I had a handfull of sketches from the cliff top and the design for a landscape cabinet in mind.

IMG_4857_600One (too many) cups of coffee later, the sketch was developed into a design and the I was cutting the pieces on the bandsaw.




IMG_4865_600By home-time the first components were glued up and in the vacuum press.


Hopefully the speed of the process, the immediacy of idea to action, will keep the energy of the sketch and the energy of the rocks themselves.

Now I’m looking back at Carn Llidi as the sun goes down.  This is what life is supposed to be like 🙂



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